Cannondale's T2000
The T2000 is the only work horse for us. Its incredibly lightweight and flex-resistant frame has seen us through the most brutal terrain mother earth could cough up. Taking everything in stride, our green machines have lived up to their reputation as superbly engineered, American made touring bikes capable of handling tough conditions both on and off the beaten path.
Brooks Saddles
When your riding 16,000 miles your behind demands the best. Brooks supplies the performance, comfort, and durability our cheeks need to go the long haul. If you’re planning to tour call these limeys and get your own, you’ll thank us in the “end.”
Montain Hardwear's Hammerhead II Tent
For our sleeping accommodations Mountain Hard Wear's Hammerhead 2 is a must. This rugged two-man tent has kept the rain out and the wild beasts at bay. A blind one-armed chimp could put this tent together, that’s how easy it is to assemble. How do we know? We’ve had to put the Hammerhead up in rainstorms, wind storms, and in the dark on more than a few occasions. Its ease of assembly is equaled only by its rugged durability. Trust us, we’ve put it through its paces in every possible condition. The Hammerhead even survived the unplanned test of two brothers who had to sort out their differences with a good old-fashioned fight…inside the tent.
Montain Hardwear's Epic Jacket and Pants
We never ride without these two items at the ready. Super light, waterproof, and breathable these backcountry shells will save you in shifty weather. Riding up hills in temperatures that jump back and forth 20 degees every ten minutes can be unbearable in most gear, but the Epic Jacket and pants, through both material and design, keeps the rain out and the sweat off.
Mountain Hardware's Semisic Convertible Pant
When your riding 16,000 miles you don't bring the whole wardrobe. With zip off legs, a fleece lined waist, and a durable, quick drying fabric we took care of our pants, shorts, and swim tunks with one item. And its 5-pocket construction gives pack rats like ourselves room to carry as much as we like when we’re wandering away from camp.
Mountain Hardwear's Power Stretch Zip T and Tight
Our expedition will take us from the Arctic Circle to within spitting distance of Antarctica so you better believe we need to keep our bodies warm. The Power Stretch T’s and Tights are breathable and flexible base layer pieces designed for people on the move, so whether your climbing, hiking, or in our case, biking, your guaranteed to stay warm and comfortable. We rock the T’s and tights while we ride and when we’re hanging around camp due to their exceptional moisture management and warmth
Mountain Hardware's Lamina 0 Sleeping Bag
From the Arctic Tundra to the Chilean Andes and Patagonia, we were certain to confront some pretty cold and nasty nights. The Lamina 0 is the ideal bag for ugly alpine and winter conditions. The bag provides the warmth and comfort you will need and the durability of a fiber fill bag that won't suffer in the extreme weather changes. Suffice to say, Brother John and I rarely agree on a damn thing but we both agree that Mountain Hardware's Lamina 0 is the best sleeping bag on the market, period.
Bob's Yak Bicycle Trailer
We know all you old school cyclist cling to your panniers like I clung to my mother's leg on the first day of pre-school, but its time for a change, and BOB has provided the answer. The YAK trailer's "in-line" design saved my life on Atigun pass. Its low center of gravity, great aerodynamics, and all-around stability, has helped us survive 40 mph headwinds and grueling up-hills. Coupled with their indestructible dry sack, the YAK is our gear transport system of choice.
Dueter Trans Alpine 30 Hydro Pack
Dueter blows the competition away when it comes to its hydration systems and the Alpine 30 proves this. With a 3 liter bladder, helmet holder, pockets and space to spare we fell in love with the Alpine 30. The only place where Dueter fails to shine is in the mouth piece design. It creates a bit of a Chinese water torture for your knee and occasionally has people questioning our own bladder capacity, so until they fix this problem simply replace the bite valve with those of a different company.
Clif Bars, Gel Shots, and Sports Drink Mix
Biking 8-12 hours a day makes us hungry lads and we depend on Clif Bar's products to take us the distance. Unlike those "other" energy bars, which we've all forced down in the past, we actually like to chow down on Clif Bars. The only draw back is trying to ration these puppies, you'll want to keep eating these treats even after you've had your fill.
Annie's Mac and Cheese
When were out of the saddle we need something warm, tasty, and organic. Thinking back to my college days there was only one choice, Annie's! Annie makes a mean Mac and Cheese, but don't stop there, Annie’s legendary East Coast crew has put together a whole host of delicious meals which keep our stomachs happy morning, noon, and night.
We're men, and your damn right we don't like asking questions! That's why we have enlisted the help of Frommers to steer us toward some of the best finds on the long road south. These guys help get us from point A to point B and fill us in on everything in between, and they can do the same for you too.

Cannondale - Roam Shoe
Even though we spend most of our days spinning southward, we definitely like to get out of the saddle ever now and then. Connondale's Roam shoe allows us the freedom to take a hike and clip-in without having to change our footwear. With a durable reinforced rubber outsole we get superior traction, combined with a midsole stiff enough for hard riding, there isn't a better option for your tour.
Cannondale - Everyday Shorts
When you are spending almost a year on your bike you demand quality, comfort, and durability from your shorts. Cannondale's Everyday Shorts keep us cruising comfortably. With Kool-Link fabric and form fitting 8-panel construction do not even think of leaving home with out this piece of gear.

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