National Brain Tumor Foundation
Our charity which funds research and helps to provide care for people living with brain tumors.
Spinning Southward Documentary Fundraiser
Donation Site for the Spinning Southward Documentary: This site allows you to donate directly to the NBTS on behalf of the Documentary, as well as see the funds raised so far.
Cycling Around the World
A site devoted to chronicling the bike travels of Anja de Graaf and Paul van Roekel over the last fifteen years. We thought we were hardcore, this site keeps us humble and informed.
Bike It Solo
Emmanuel Gentinetta ride from Prudhoe Bay Alaska to Ushuaia, Argentina. Sound familiar? We were kind enough to allow Emmanuel to blaze the trail, and become the youngest and fastest to complete the journey. His journal entries have helped to enlighten us about what lays ahead and the many the does and do nots associated with our ride. Thanks Emmanuel.
The Road South
Nick Lenzmeier's Pan-American Odyssey by Bicycle. Nick, like us, subscribes to a strict Bedouin/nomadic way of life. His goals for the trip, were in his words, "identical to those of all my past trips--to enjoy the physical benefits of daily bicycle travel and to experience local cultures/communities/geography in a way that only cycling affords." We couldn't have said it any better. Nick has helped to deepen our understanding of the challenges and the rewards that face us on the road ahead.
Ribbons of Road
Brooks and Gregg are out there somewhere on the road, and like us, they are cycling southward towards Argentina. No one from either side has officially called it a race yet, but its been an international game of leap frog since day three of the trip when we first met them on the Dalton Highway. We are determined to get to Tierra Del Fuego first, never the less, we support them in their goal to raise $20,000 to fight diabetes.
Lost on Earth
We met Steve over breakfast at a B&B just outside Tok, Alaska. He has been on his motorcycle for 647 days and counting, criss-crossing South, Central and North America, and he's just getting warmed up. Steve has had an amazing run so far and collected enough stories and "strange rashes" to fill a couple books...and medical texts. We got the skinny on South America from Steve and look forward to eating three-toed sloth on a brazilian river boat. Yum! Great site with great pics and even better stories. We are looking forward to hearing about the next leg of his journey.
South American Bicycle Touring Links
A collection of links to South American cycling travelogues and websites. Whether you speak Spanish, German, Dutch, English, French, Swedish or Japanese, this site has something for you, regardless of your native tongue. Here's another site that may find a place for our trip in the coming future.
Critical Mass
It's not a terrorist group, we promise, just a grassroots movement that celebrates cycling in cities around the country, and tries to promote cycling as an alternative means of transportation. This site provides links for local Critical Mass web links.
U.S. Department of Energy - The Alternative Fuel Data Center
The AFDC is a comprehensive site with detailed information on all the major types of alternative fuels. It is unique in its ability provide a basic education on alternative fuels for the uninformed, and more comprehensive analysis and quantitative data for the informed.
The official site of the National Bio-Diesel Board. It may not be the ultimate solution, but its headed in the right direction:
Directory of Alternative Energy Links
The bible of alternative energy. Don't be fooled, we're not hippies, we just like the idea of preserving the environment, decreasing our dependency on foreign oil, and saving a couple bucks in the process. It makes sense no matter how you spin it.
Explorersweb - The Pioneers Checkpoint
A wealth of knowledge for those of us who dream big. Don't forget to check this site out when your planning your next adventure, we're serious! An incredible blend of information the covers tech, medicine, gear and current expeditions around the world. We hope to find our own journey on this website someday...if we're lucky.
Live Strong
Lance Armstrong's charity working in the fight against cancer. Who knew biking and charity work were such a popular pairing?
My Journey: Living with a Brain Tumor
Please check out this website. When you have you will no longer be able to say that you don't know someone who is fighting this disease. The site an intimate and ongoing written account of Sandy Beardsley's journey throughlife as someone living with a brain tumor. She has kept a continous journal about her experiences, thoughts, emtions, and more and is just one more reason why we ride.
Mello Ajello Media
This is the portfolio site for Nateon Ajello, who is in charge of the Spinning Southward web series and documentary. You can find information about Nate and his works, as well as make a contribution to the documentary.
Body Firm Personal Training Studio - Los Gatos, California
Spinning Southward 16,000 miles is tough on the body so instead of winging it we called in an expert. Tammy Parkinson, owner of Body Firm Personal Training Studio in Los Gatos, is our personal training and nutrition guru. She sets us straight on what our dietary needs and how to keep our bodies in top shape throughout our journey. She has worked wonders for us and can do the same for you!

Body Firm Personal Training Studio:
51 University Ave, Los Gatos, CA
408.395.3519 or 408.896.2639
Blake Gordon Photography
Portfolio site of daring photographer Blake Gordon, who joined us in Central America and Argentina. The shots on his website, while beautiful, are not taken from the seat of a bicycle pulling a 60 lb. trailer mph next to freight trucks.
Biking for a Better World - A Lake-Tahoe based non-profit
The four riders/directors of the organization will be biking 16,000 miles unsupported from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska to Tierra del Fuego, Argentina beginning in June 2007. They are currently raising funds to help build a school in Nicaragua. Donate online at,
World Cycleing Videos on Vimeo
Videos from around the world about bike touring.

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