Clif Bar
Growing up as climbing gym rats, mountain bikers and hikers in the San Francisco Bay Area, we had the opportunity to try the locally-based Clif Bars when they first came onto the market. From the beginning, we’ve been impressed with Clif Bar’s dedication to natural ingredients, green business practices, and ability to provide a solid energy bar that doesn’t sacrifice flavor. Now prepared to embark on the bike ride of a lifetime that will demand incredible stamina and endurance from our bodies, we are proud and grateful that Clif Bar has joined the Spinning Southward team. Clif Bar has generously offered to go the distance with us by sending care packages filled with delicious Clif Shots, Clif Shot Drinks and, of course, Clif Bars (our favorites are the Cool Mint Chocolate, Black Cherry Almond and the new Oatmeal Raisin Walnut) to key points along our route. Clif Bar will also provide the stylish jerseys you see us wearing in our pictures from the road.

In addition to our shared enthusiasm for the outdoors, Clif Bar and Spinning Southward both have a mutual interest in promoting alternative forms of transportation and reducing CO2 emissions. To this end, we have joined Clif Bar’s “Start Global Cooling” program. Not only are we putting away our car keys for a year (neither of us use cars anyway – hurrah for public transportation and driving with friends), we are also getting our Cool Tags ™ and taking 3000 pounds of carbon dioxide out of circulation. To learn more about Clif Bar’s “Start Global Cooling” program and their other environmental initiatives, click here.
Cannondale's mission in their own words is to: "create innovative, quality products that inspire cyclists around the world. Our passion for cycling can be seen at every turn as we strive to be the best bicycling company in the world, day in, and day out." They've got our vote! Cannondale's commitment to cutting-edge design and solid engineering, along with their proven support of worthy grassroots causes was evident to us long before the Spinning Southward ride. In 1999, John was a leader of the Habitat Bicycle Challenge, a cross-continental U.S. ride that raised money and awareness for Habitat for Humanity. Cannondale was the only bike company that stepped up to the plate and provided 60 touring bikes at cost. John logged over 4,000 miles in the saddle of his Cannondale Touring bike on the Washington, D.C. to San Francisco ride and came away from the experience a dedicated Cannondale supporter.

Cannondale has again outdone itself in its support of the Spinning Southward ride and the National Brain Tumor Foundation, coming through with an incredible sponsorship package! From the Roam bike shoes, to the Domestique bike shorts, to the elite T-2000 touring frame; Cannondale took into consideration all our biking needs, and delivered.
Gear Nine Enterprises
Gear Nine is just another internet programming outfit grateful for the opportunity to pitch into an enterprise as noble and inspirational as the Logsdons'. Unable to pony up cash or field equipment, our contribution to the cause has been hanging behind the lines, designing, writing, and supporting this website, hosting it on a Linux server in the Logsdon's hometown of Orinda, CA.

Because our own people are spread out over the state, we've become fairly adept at exploiting the edgier aspects of the internet and open-source technology to keep up dynamic, clear communication in our work (which conveniently entails plying the same techniques for others). We hope that these skills, developed over time, have now proven effective in bringing the vicarious wonder of the Logsdons' epic journey to you in your home, and the ardent support of all of us to them out there on the road.

Should you have any comments or concerns regarding this site, feel free to share them with us either through our own page or through the "Contact" section of this project. Enjoy.
Beast Of Burden trailers and strollers. BOB's engineers apply sophisticated design principles to support our fundamental modes of transportation: walking and cycling. BOB specializes in designing and manufacturing durable, versatile bicycle trailers that meet the needs of tourists and commuters. Their trailers are ideal for hauling small loads from the supermarket, hardware store, or in our case, providing a stream-lined and efficient trailer for extended touring.

BOB has provided us with two sturdy, tour proven YAK trailers, the original Beast of Burden (BOB) product. This versatile cargo carrier has become the choice of cyclists the world over for both on and off-road use. With the ability to carry up to 70 lbs, our 2 Yak trailers will be hauling the bulk of our gear over the 15,000 mile plus ride. We couldn’t be happier that BOB has chosen to join the Spinning Southward team.
Avenue Cyclery
Established in 1973, Avenue Cyclery has been providing quality products and superior service to Bay Area cyclists for 32 years. From Competitors to leisure cyclists, Avenue's knowledgeable staff can assist you to ensure that you will have the optimal riding experience. Our first encounter with Avenue Cyclery's accessible, bike-savvy staff reflected their equal opportunity philosophy towards all bike enthusiasts. They took the time to listen and learn about the Spinning Southward ride and our partnership with San Francisco based non-profit, National Brain Tumor Foundation. That very same day, Avenue Cyclery signed on with the ride and immediately asked the question: "How can we help?" They haven't disappointed providing the ride with hydration systems, helmets, bike pumps, tire tubes, tools and more.

We recommend the shop, which borders San Francisco's Golden Gate Park, to both locals and strays alike. You can find directions to the shop and a full listing of the bikes, accessories and services they provide at their Web site.
Annie's Homegrown
After creating Smartfood in 1982, one of the fastest selling snack food products in U.S. history, Annie co-founded Annie's Homegrown in 1989 with the idea of making a great-tasting, all-natural macaroni and cheese. In the end, though, she did a lot more than that.

In 1998, Annie's proudly unveiled three amazing kinds of organic macaroni and cheese. Annie's commitment to making organics accessible and affordable, along with the company's overall emphasis on quality, all-natural ingredients drew us to begin eating healthy amounts of Annie's mac and cheese during our college years.

These days, Annie's is a staple in our kitchens, that's why we were thrilled when Annie's approved our application to become part of their Cases for Causes program. Through the charitable program, Annie's awards cases of their natural macaroni and cheese and Cheddar Bunnies to worthy causes. We agree with Annie's that keeping us and our donors well fed as we ride to provide funding and awareness for the National Brain Tumor Foundation meets the criteria.
Mountain Hardwear
In 1993 a small group of people, who had weathered decades in the outdoor industry, decided to get together and form Mountain Hardwear. With a healthy disrespect for the business types who were saying it couldn't be done, they decided to take a fresh approach to making great gear. Figuring that if they made innovative, technologically advanced tents, outdoor clothing and sleeping bags, consumers would buy them. Twelve years later, the self-proclaimed "company that's different," has made a name for itself creating technically superior gear and staying true the original outdoor spirit of their Berkeley, California home.

As we told Mountain Hardware when we approached the company earlier this year, "we couldn't imagine wearing or sleeping in anything else on this long and difficult ride." True to their founding principles, Mountain Hardware couldn't pass up the opportunity to support two Bay Area brothers riding in support of the National Brain Tumor Foundation, a Bay Area non-profit. Through the leadership and support of former Mountain Hardware President and present company advisor, Jack Gilbert, we received sleeping bags, tents, clothing, and the first financial contribution to Jean's Journey, the fund Spinning Southward created to support the NBTF.
Since the 1957 publication of Arthur Frommer's revolutionary Europe on $5 a Day, the Frommer's collection of travel products has expanded to include over 300 guidebooks as well as a popular Web site, reaffirming Frommer's as the most trusted name in travel today.

Frommer's goal is to "help you explore your travel destinations the way the locals do," a goal hard-wired into our own families traveling philosophy. Frommer's versatile, candid and detailed approach to guide books has opened our eyes to what lies before us, and helped us make informed decisions about our travel plans in Central and South America.
Deuter has been making quality outdoor equipment for over 100 years, and they continue to lead the pack (no pun intended) with their hiking, biking and travel gear. We were fortunate enough to snag two of their bike specific hydrations systems (Trans Alpine 30 and the Cross Air). Both bags display a detailed attention to ergonomics and functional design that goes beyond just a simple focus on hydration. From the bags' innovative, built-in rain covers, to their patented ventilation systems, Deuter's hydration systems have no equal. Our confidence in the Deuter name and the innovative hydration systems lets us rest easy as we contemplate rides through Alaska's artic tundra, the arid mountains of the Baja peninsula and the formidable Atacama Desert of Chile.

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